University of Minnesota
NHP on 7T

The University of Minnesota dataset includes anatomical, diffusion, and fMRI data from 2 macaque monkeys.

Usage Agreement

Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial Share Alike (CC-BY-NC-SA)- Standard INDI data sharing policy. Prohibits use of the data for commercial purposes.


Macaca mulatta

Scanner Specifications

Click here for scan parameters from the scanner console (pdf)

Sample Description

Click here for the full sample description (.csv)

Scan Procedures and Parameters

Ethics approval:

Animal care and housing:

Any applicable training: none prior to MRI scanning

Scanning preparations

Anesthesia procedures: Animals were anesthetized with isoflurane (2.5%) and monitored for depth of anesthesia

Time between anesthesia and scanning: 30 min

Head fixation: to the coil

Position in scanner and procedure used: sphinx position

Contrast agent: none

During scanning

Physiological monitoring: yes

Additional procedures:

Scan sequences

Detailed scanner information from the console is available here.



We thank Gregor Adriany and Lynn Utecht for their support.


This data repository was supported by the following grants: R01-NS081118; R01-NS085188; P41-EB015894; P30-NS076408; the University of Minnesota Udall center P50NS098573.


Click here to download the data. Users will first be prompted to log on to NITRC and will need to register with the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project website on NITRC to gain access to the PRIME-DE datasets.